Places to Fill Up Your Significant Other's Belly on Valentine's Day

Finally in to the month of February, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Couples with significant others like myself may be on a mission trying to find out where to take their boyfriend or girlfriend and not just fill them up with love, but also fill their belly up with food. With Valentine’s Day being one of those cheesy-lovey holidays, many restaurants are participating in Valentine’s discounts, deals, and tasty food in cute little Valentine’s shapes.


Here is a list of restaurants throughout Lexington and Louisville participating in this Valentine’s Day celebration and what they are offering for couples:


  • Krispy Kreme

Who doesn’t love doughnuts? If you or your significant other does, Krispy Kreme has brought back their Valentine’s conversation hearts doughnuts. These cute little doughnuts include little sayings on top such as, “DM me,” “CALL ME,” and “CRAZY 4 U” in mouth watering flavors of chocolate, cake batter, raspberry, and strawberry-filled.


  • Hooters

If you’re single and love Hooters, then Hooters has got you especially covered this Valentine’s. Hooters will serve you with a plate of boneless wings for free to anyone that comes in and rips up a picture of their ex! So, who says the single people can’t treat themselves on Valentines?


  • Qdoba

Qdoba seems to be a big fan of love on Valentine’s, so I hope you have your lips puckered and ready because Qdoba is offering a free entree with the purchase of another entree to anyone who kisses their significant other, family member, friend, or even another stranger willing to share a nice kiss with you for some tasty food!


  • Waffle House

You probably wouldn’t place Waffle House under your list of romantic places to go on Valentine’s Day, but Waffle House certainly disagrees. The restaurant is providing their tables with special Valentine’s menus, romantic lighting, a little bit of music, and tablecloths for its dining in couples. Make reservations though, because believe it or not this is the hotspot location on Valentine’s Day.


  • Auntie Anne’s

Valentine’s Day definitely equals hearts, which is why everyone’s favorite pretzel place Auntie Anne’s is offering cute little heart shaped pretzels to order for yourself or your significant other in original or cinnamon sugar! FYI you Pretzel Perks loyalty members look out for a BOGO email this Valentine’s Day and you can get that pretzel for free!


  • Chick-fil-A

Since everyone absolutely loves this tasty chicken place, Chick-fil-A is offering 30-count Chick-fil-A nuggets, 10-count chick-n-minis, or six chocolate cookies ALL available in cute heart shaped containers Yes, I am definitely saved the best for last.