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Perfect Thanksgiving Day Outfits

Thanksgiving is finally here and I know we are all excited for family fun, food, football and fashion! Finding the perfect outfit for all your family gatherings can be tedious and stressful, especially if you are like me and wait until the last minute to go out and fight the crowds for a cute outfit.


I have teamed up with Signatures Formals and Fashions in Middlesboro, Kentucky to show you guys some perfect options that will make you shine.


1. Simple Class

This adorable jeans and blouse combo are perfect for a casual, yet dressy look. The bells sleeves combined with this neckline really make this look polished and showcase your personality. Add these cute wedged, black sneakers and you are ready for pie!


2. Comfy and Cozy

If you are on your way over to that family member’s house who keeps the thermostat on 68F year around, then this Lauren James pullover is ideal! It comes in a ton of color options, but I think this bright red and soft tan are perfect for the season. Throw on a pair of jeggings and you are golden!


3. Chic Style

I am in love with this duo! Some cute, loose pullovers in statement colors are going to leave all eyes on you. Pair these tops with a pair of jeans (or leggings!) and add some big, bright earrings to polish off the look. Those iridescent earrings are really going to pull out some great colors and highlight what you have on!


4. Tasteful and Toasty

With the temperature dropping so fast lately, some of these items are essential! Flannels are a must all season long well into winter and this furry vest will work not only as a cute accessory, but will keep you nice and toasty when bracing the cold air. Throw on this knit beanie to keep your head warm and bring out your inner hipster while doing so.


5. Miss Classic

While some families have a big, homemade dinner, others celebrate in a more formal way. This ruby-red dress will turn heads when you walk in the room. This classic dress is absolutely perfect for any occasion in fact, and you can wear this for so many other things and steal the show every time.


That is all the outfits I have today and I know that these will be perfect for not only Thanksgiving, but for the rest of the fall and winter season.


If you would like to check out these exact styles and pieces, check out Signatures Formals and Fashions in Middlesboro, Kentucky, or on their website to order.


**This post was not endorsed by Signatures Formals and Fashions.


Photos courtesy of Josie Sproles


Taylon is a senior English student student at UK. She is both a Staff Writer and Social Media Director for Her Campus UK. She is involved in College Mentors for Kids as the Vice President of Fundraising, Sigma Tau Delta - English Honors Fraternity, and Robinson Scholars. Her go-to Starbucks drink is an iced cold brew with almond milk and two pumps of white chocolate mocha.
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