Packing for a Semester Abroad

Thinking about what to pack for a multiple month stay in a different country may seem extremely overwhelming. I am traveling at the end of this month to study in the Czech Republic for the semester and I know for myself, I welcomed all advice on what and how to pack for my trip.


Some of my questions on packing were; Where do I start? How much do I bring? How do I avoid extra luggage fees? I have recently received lots of advice on packing in preparation for my semester abroad and it would only be fair to share with you guys.


  • Think in layers

Packing for an entire semester means that you will have to re-wear the clothes you bring. It would be impossible (well possible, but very expensive) to bring an outfit for everyday. It is also important to keep in mind that the seasons will be changing so thinking ahead to pack accordingly is crucial in this case.


  • 2. Pack the essentials

Some items, such as toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies or food, can be purchased once you get over there. This will save you room in your suitcase for other things that are not replaceable. Students who have already studied abroad told us not to pack the things that we can get at a supermarket at our destination.


  •  Pack light

Since I plan to take full advantage of the unique shopping options available to me while abroad, I will also be leaving some extra space in my luggage in order to fill that up with the new clothes I purchase during my stay. As hard as it might be to pack a little amount for as long as you might be staying, you will thank yourself later when you fill up your suitcase with souvenirs for yourself, friends and family.


  • Stay organized

This probably goes without saying but keep all your important documents in a safe place and on your person at all times. Whether it is your passport, student visa, travel accommodations, etc., nothing is worse than realizing you do not have a document of utmost important when you need it. While packing, break all your luggage down to the basics and make sure you are packing the most logical way in order to avoid missing items once you get to your destination.


Hopefully these tidbits of advice help you as you consider studying abroad or start the process of packing for a big trip.