One Year After the First Women's March: A Reflection

Photo By Jerry Kiesewetter


2017. One hell of a year for women. Some may even consider it the year of the woman. Yes, the year of the woman, despite all of the sexual harassment, unfair treatment and the heap of other misfortunes that happened to women. We decided that those things do not make them victims, but instead make them survivors.


Before Jan. 21, 2017, I don’t think nearly as many women knew then what they know now: the world belongs to them. Once women realized this they acted on it. They ousted their abusers and harassers and called out the world on its patriarchal BS. They proceeded to make demands. Although most of those demands have not been met, these women showed the world that they will not be kept from fighting.


But, there is still work that needs to be done. Like some movements, this one is flawed by outliers who are still well represented in the movement. According to Business Insider, 42 percent of women voted for misogyny in the white house, some of those women were at the original march in 2017 as well as 2018. This movement and these protests cannot fall to hypocrisy.


I say all of this to say just because there’s progress doesn’t mean that something is perfect. That something being representation in movements made to unite women under a common cause: suffering.


Ladies keep fighting the fight that will hopefully come to an end soon.