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Most cities undergo a major transformation once those first early spring buds start blooming and Prague is no exception. I have noticed a huge influx of people enjoying the outdoors whether it is having a few drinks at a rooftop bar, eating outside at a cafe or chilling in a park. The city takes on an enthralling ambience as people are outside more often, making seem even more alive. It is amazing what a few more degrees can do for the whole atmosphere of a place and I truly wish I could stay longer to experience the magical summer months in the Czech Republic.


I do feel that I have made the most of my time here so far, though. With a few weeks left and probably 50 percent of the city that I have not yet explored, (okay, that might be an exaggeration but I STILL feel like i have only scratched the surface) I plan to take full advantage of the beautiful weather.


This past weekend, my dad flew into town to visit me. With four full days together and lots for him to see, we hit the ground running. Walking an average of ten miles a day and hitting every destination I had in mind, I felt like I was able to share the fascination of this city I’ve called home for the past few months. I will share with you a few of the ventures we went on in the past week that made Prague feel that much more special to me:


  • The Easter Market

Vibrant rainbow colors filled the Old Town square as well as other popular spots around Prague. These pop-up markets give the weekends of April a happy Spring vibe and set the tone for the Easter holiday. Vendors sell Prague chocolate, hand painted eggshells, table runners, sun catchers, trinkets, and plenty of traditional Czech street food.


  • Paddle Boating

Renting your own boat (for only $10 – you heard me right) to take out on the Charles River is an easy way to enjoy the sunshine. Leisurely paddling around, sipping a beer and enjoying the architecture around me had to be one of my favorite parts of the weekend.


  • Futbol

I scored tickets (for cheap, once again) to a Sparta Praha versus Karvina game. My dad and I have been to countless sporting events together and now we can finally say we have been to one overseas. The crowd was roaring the entire game and the chants never stopped.



What did you do in your city this weekend? Are there parts that you haven’t explored or things you have not done yet? Take the opportunity this Spring and get out there!



Body photos taken by Paige Maffett

Hi all, I'm Paige. You could find me outside or making art. I'm inspired to take on another semester leading a great group of girls at UK!
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