Netflix Limited Series Review: Maniac

Maniac, created by Patrick Somerville, stars Jonah Hill and Emma Stone in an amazing 10-part limited series on Netflix about an experimental drug trial. The trial alters their lives completely in just a short amount of time that keeps you on your toes for what’s to come when this trial is completed, and they’re released.


Hill, who plays Owen Milgram, and Stone, who plays Annie Landsberg, meet in this drug trial after their lives take turns that they are unable to handle, hoping this experimental drug will cure them.


Owen, a schizophrenic who loses his job, and Annie, a seemingly depressed drug-abuser after the loss of her sister, are two total strangers who become nearly inseparable during the duration of this short trial.


The drug, administered in three parts: A, B and C, is used to force the thoughts of the past back into their minds in a reversed therapy motive to cure their mind of past traumas without needing actual therapy.


Owen and Annie’s pasts overlap in a never-before-seen way from past trials of this same drug. The two have a connection, and it’s up to them to figure this connection out.


I was slow to latch on to the series, but after episode one I was hooked. I needed to know their traumas, their stories, their outcomes.


I finished the 10 episodes in two days.


For anyone needing a break and a new Netflix series, although limited but worth every minute, I highly suggest Maniac. Hill and Stone are impressive as always, and this limited series doesn’t disappoint.