My Top 9 Favorite Beauty Vloggers

While this list may be only beauty vloggers, these young women are not only slaying the social media game, they’re using their platforms and are definitely changing what it means to be an influencer.


Jackie, Jackie, Jackie!

I couldn’t start this list without Auntie Jackie. This queen has accumulated 2.7 million followers to her YouTube fam is not only #goals, but is truly becoming a heavy hitter in the beauty and fashion industry. From her reviews, “get ready with me’s” and honest talks with her followers, she’s also garnered attention for speaking out about the importance of women of color in the beauty industry, insecurities and the honest truth about how YouTube has changed. As she likes to say, if you’re watching and not subscribed, stop being a rebel (coming from a former rebel herself) and join the fam!


She’s a Latina with a love for drugstore products and doing first impressions for any budget! Jasmine is known for her in-depth reviews about the latest products on the market, self-care routines and now has been incorporating her healthy lifestyle journey into her video schedule! Check her out!


She’s definitely one to watch. Between Kayla’s flick of the wrist with her dramatic winged liner to her exceptional bending skills for eyeshadow, she can do no wrong. On any skill level with makeup, her natural to dramatic looks will impress even the most skilled makeup artist.


Whether the video is about slaying a lace-front or putting together the perfect brunch fit, this baddie from Tallahassee, Florida slays every video. Her Chit-Chat Get Ready With Me’s have you grabbing a snack and feeling like you’re spilling tea with one of your besties.  


Can you say hair goals? Twins Kelsey and Kendra have gained over a million views on various videos but their claim to fame comes from their inside secrets about how they maintain their luscious natural locks. Now after almost seven years on YouTube, these beauties are known for their chit chats, home decor vids, vlogs and try-on hauls that would make anyone want to step into their beautiful walk-in closets.  


This up-and-coming girl boss is what we call a consistent queen. For any girl in college wanting to save her coin, keep that natural hair poppin’ or trying to figure out how to balance it all, this natural beauty’s channel will be your one-stop shop! She’s on the rise, so don’t be the one to miss out.  


If there’s anyone who knows about being a boss in college, it is Jayla Koriyan. An HBCU and FIT dual-degree grad, published author and owner of her own her company, she is on the way to grow an empire in the NYC streets. From beauty to fashion, you can catch the real scoop behind the scenes on how she balances it all, from work, relationships and so much on her vlog channel, JaylaKoriyanTV.  


This Latina from Texas gained her fast-fame through bomb eye look pics and threads on Twitter and Snapchat! Now with more than one million followers apart of her YouTube fam, when she’s not slaying the fashion and beauty world, she’s speaking out about immigration and being undocumented.  


Nazanin is truly the Persian Princess of YouTube. Being on YouTube since she was 12, she’s developed from a sassy pre-teen to influencer by 19 who is building her brand a day at a time in Los Angeles with her sister Yasmin by her side. From beauty to lifestyle, I don’t see why you haven’t joined the Kavari Krew yet!


So, which one is your favorite?