My Take on "To All the Boys I've Loved Before"

When I first heard about the movie from my 13-year old sister my immediate reaction was, “Nope! I don’t need another cringy teenage romance in my life,” but I watched it anyway, mostly against my will and giving it little attention for the first couple minutes. I had not read or even heard about the book before watching the movie so I did not have high expectations, at all. I was expecting more of a “Kissing Booth” romance to play out. I was wrong!


I have now watched the movie three times and listened to all three of the books within the space of a week. You could say that I am now in love with the love of Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky. Something about their relationship stands out.


Yes, it’s the played out ‘shy girl’ and ‘popular guy’ scenario but it seems purer, more genuine in a way. I mean what are the chances that your little sister is going to send out the five love letters you’ve written at once to all the guys you’ve had huge crushes on because sending five gives you a better chance of a boyfriend than one does - side note in the book Kitty sends the letters because she’s pissed at Lara Jean, but this works - including your big sister’s ex-boyfriend and they just broke up less than a week ago? Almost zero, and yet somehow relatable.


That’s the beauty of it to me. Watching a fake relationship blossom into something really real and beautiful. There is nothing outstandingly extraordinary about TATBILB and that is exactly what makes it awesome, it is unique and yet predictable.


Is it a big cliche? Yes, but you can’t help fall in love with the characters like Chris and Kitty. Chris is like a stray cat in LJ’s life, she comes and goes and she pleases but she is an amazing friend. The contrast in LJ and Chris’ personalities proves opposites do attract.


Kitty is just someone you want to give a hug and strangle at the same time. Without Kitty, Lara Jean and Peter would have never been a thing, and we love her for that but she takes petty to a whole new level. There is also the possibility that I just loved watching Noah Centineo on screen.


Watch TATBILB on Netflix - give it a chance and don’t judge it before - and read the books! There’s so much more to the story.


Now I can not wait to see how they would adapt John Ambrose McClaren into a movie, if they do