My Parents Are Undeniably My Best Friends

My parents were my irrefutably my best friends when I was younger. I looked up to them for every little thing I did, and always needed at least one of them by my side.


The constant stories of my young self’s neediness still dominate many dinner conversation, from the time when my dad broke his leg, yet I still wanted him to play outside with me – which he did – and the many times my mom stayed up all night with me to finish homework I was crying over for hours because it just did not make sense.


After fighting through the “teenage angst” years when it was “uncool” to befriend your parents, I know my young-self could not have appreciated my parents nearly as much as I do now at 22-years-old in hindsight.


So, years later, I have concluded that not only were my parents my best friends when I was younger, but they still are now, for too many reasons to list.

Their constant support, their lack of judgment and the lessons and manners they have instilled in me are just a few.


Most importantly, though, is their unconditional love.


Regardless of the countless times I have “screwed up,” said thing I did not mean while angry or allowed my parents to think that I had feelings of anything other than love for them, they provided me with unconditional love in return, even if I was not deserving.


The love of my parents was the first I received, and I am thankful for that.


So, this article is dedicated to my parents – my best friends – and all they have done for me in the past and for the future.


You both are undeniably my best friends.



Body Photo by Hannah Woosley