My New Obsession: Flipflop Solitaire

I would like to think that everyone has played or at least heard of solitaire at some point in their life. The game where you arrange the cards in chronological order and color then stack them up in reverse. The game that has consumed so much of my free time because what else would I be doing with free time. The game that has resulted in frustration, outburst of curse words, broken phones etc.


You might be thinking, “solitaire is not that intense, if at all.” You would be wrong. Solitaire is a never ending game of trying to beat your best, an endless battle to prove to yourself that you’re better than your past self.


The beautiful mind of Zach Gage has introduced a twist in the game that makes it more challenging and a lot more fun. The cards can be arranged in the reverse order. Cards can now be arranged as both “ace, two, three” as well as “three, two, ace.” This might not seem like a big deal but it is huge. I say so because the amount of times I’ve thought “if I could move it that way I would win,” and Gage has made my solitaire dreams come true. However, all is fair in game and war so, there’s obviously a catch. Once you stack stack the cards at the top there’s no getting it back, which can be a pain when you’re staring at the perfect play but can’t do it.


I would suggest starting from a single suit game then slowly advancing to a five suit (one more suit than regular solitaire) to build up those skills. The relief from winning a five suit is great. If you’re up for a challenge Flipflop Solitaire is your game.