My First (Gay) Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday with a sole purpose of supporting capitalism through increased sales of meaningless tokens of appreciation like chocolate, jewelry and flowers.


There, I said it. It’s a crock, (and not the good kinda like comfy footwear or slow cookers).


I will say it benefits some small and locals businesses. Kudos to the people who buy their gifts from local florists or jewelry manufacturers who source their gems ethically, etc.


I say this all as a person who is guilty of being in a sappy relationship that celebrates Valentine’s Day.


To some people, love doesn’t exist unless it is acknowledged in front of other people - which is perfectly fine. It’s also nice to have a day to be unapologetically sappy. I can admit my girlfriend and I are annoyingly happy together. And what’s the harm in indulging on some chocolate covered strawberries together?


Here’s the hottest take of it all:


I’ve received some slack for being a feminist who is committing to someone at such a young age and even participating in the very institution designed to consider women as the property of their husbands and discriminate against the LGBTQ+ community for years (marriage).


I am a proud gay woman. And I think the fact that I can openly and proudly exist as that is worth celebrating.


Generations before me fought tirelessly for the right I have to live not only as a modern woman but also one that is able to openly love whomever I fancy.


This is the first year I have felt as if Valentine’s Day means something to me and my relationship. While I’ve been in relationships during the holiday before now, I never truly valued romance until my current.


For those of you like me who find yourselves celebrating what you pledged to condone for the first time, remember the important history that gave you the right to do either. I might still think Valentine’s Day is fake, but I am lucky enough to celebrate it with the woman I love if I so choose.  


Happy Valentine’s Day to all my fellow cynical sisters.