My Favorite Products For Curly Hair

  1. 1. Kristin Ess- Curl Defining Creme

    If I could save one thing in a fire it would be this creme. I have tried so many different gels, mouses and creams and nothing works like this one. My whole life my curly hair was not so curly as it was a big ball of frizz. I never knew how to wear my hair naturally and confidently until I stumbled upon this magical creme. A trick I do is use a wide tooth comb to brush my hair in the shower while it's wet, then I part my hair or style it however I want. This way when I get out of the shower I can let my curls be without brushing them out. Then, this is when I use my Curl Defining Creme. I put a good amount on my palm (this will change with how much hair you have, but you can always add more), and I get to scrunching.

  2. 2. Kristin Ess- Curl-Co Wash

    Another Kristin Ess Product I love is her Curl-Co Wash. This is a cleanser and conditioner that fights frizz, maintains your curls and fights humidity. I use this with my regular shampoo and conditioner or just by itself if I am in a rush. This product has defined my curls so much, and I love that it is a two in one because who doesn’t love a time saver?

  3. 3. TPH by Taraji- The Guardian

    This is a spray that revives your curls for when they are not looking their best; it also protects your hair from humidity and other environmental factors. You can use this spray on wet or dry hair. I use it after I wash my hair and put my creme in, but I also use it when my curls need a boost. If my hair is wet I spray and scrunch, but if my hair is dry I like to dampen it a little before I spray and scrunch. This brand also has great products for scalp care!

  4. 4. The denman brush 

    The D3 Original Styler 7 Row is a styler brush that can be used to curl your hair. I do not use this brush every time I wash my hair, but if I want my curls to be a little bouncier, I go for it. The technique of using this brush can be a little tricky without a video tutorial. First, you take a strand of hair depending on how thick you want your curl to be and put the brush on the front of the strand, starting at wherever you want your curls to start. Then you fold your hair completely around the brush, one full time, and pull the brush all the way through the bottom of your hair. After I do a couple strands, I scrunch that section with creme and continue until all my hair is done.

  5. 5. Shea Moisture- Curling Gel and Soufflé

    This product has so many great uses. I first bought it to keep my flyaway baby hairs down when I was going for a slicked pony look and it works perfectly for that. Now, on top of that, I also use it to add moisture to my hair and keep my curls intact. When I know I want to wear my hair naturally for a couple days I will add this to my hair care routine after my creme and before my spray and it does the trick!