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Mr. UK Campus Freshman 2015 Contestant: Jacob Wilkins

Name: Jacob Wilkins
Hometown: Paducah, KY
Greek Organization: Sigma Nu

Major and Future Plans: Chemical Engineering and Business

I want to get a degree in biopharmaceutical engineering and an MBA.

What is the cutest Halloween costume a girl can wear and why? The cutest Halloween costume I have seen on a girl is probably a cheerleader because it shows the girl thinks she is at least a little bit athletic and is always very attractive.

What’s the best thing about girls at UK? Well the girls at UK are obviously beautiful, way beyond just about all other colleges. Also, girls here are very confident and have lots of self-respect which is extremely attractive. Also, UK girls seem to be very intelligent, which is a great quality.

What is your most prized possession? My most prized possession is probably my first baseball glove from when I started playing baseball when I was four. I hope to be able to let a son or daughter play with it as their first mitt someday.

What is the craziest dare you’ve ever gone through? Oh man… well some of my friends and I once got dared to take a picture with some homeless people downtown then steal one of their signs.

Why should people vote you Mr. UK Freshman? People should vote me for Mr. UK Freshman because I am a nice guy who likes to enjoy life and have lots of fun. I focus extremely hard on school but I make sure to make plenty of time for the friends and other people important to me while also enjoying life and having a great time here at our university.

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