Movie Review for Horror Lovers, The Strangers: Prey at Night

Photo by Connor Limbocker


Horror movie connoisseurs unite, because a second Strangers movie was released Friday.


Mike and Cindy, parents of two teenagers, take their family on a vacation to a remote mobile home park on a lake before their daughter is sent to boarding school.


This little getaway is meant to bring the family closer before their daughters’ departure – and you could say it did just that, but not in the way they anticipated. Three masked sociopaths haunt their every move, and the family must find a way to escape before they fall victim to the games the sociopaths know so well.


This movie is predictable – a family fighting for their lives from masked killers, similar to the first Strangers movie.


Though a predictable plot, The Strangers: Prey at Night is exciting, alarming and will keep you on edge with fear of what will happen next.


For those who dig a good scare – that enjoy sitting with their hands halfway shielding their eyes waiting for the next jump-scene – this movie is perfect for you. Twists and turns throughout will have you questioning if the movie is over.


And, of course, the ending is something you will not predict. Just when you think it is over… Is it ever, really?


On a scale of one to five, I would rate this movie a 3.9/5. A must-see for those who enjoy a good, clean scare, but for horror enthusiasts who can easily guess a plot or when the next jump-scare will happen, this one is a little weak for you.