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Meet Sarah Self, HC Belmont Campus Correspondent

Meet our Sister Chapter Campus Correspondents! Sarah Self is a Campus Correspondent at HC Belmont alongside Madeline Rains. Together, Sarah and Madeline are the force behind the HC Belmont chapter. To learn more about Sarah, continue reading! 


Name: Sarah Self

Year: Junior

Major: Corporate Communication

Have you ever been to Kentucky? If so, where did you go? Did you enjoy your experience?

I’m a Louisville girl, actually! Sorry y’all, I’m Cards forever. I’ve been all over the state, but I have to say that there’s nothing like Churchill Downs on Derby.


Why did you choose Belmont?

Initially I was looking to obtain a BFA, so I only looked at universities with reputable arts schools. I had actually accepted a spot at a school up north, but – as a lifelong southerner – I was pretty ambivalent about it. Once I found out about Belmont though, it sounded perfect. I scheduled a last-minute audition, got accepted to the program, and started classes just two weeks later.


What is your most memorable college/Belmont experience?

Honestly, that’s a tough one. While I can’t give you just one, specific experience, I’d say that the many leadership opportunities I’ve been afforded here have been incredibly meaningful. I was quite anxious and shy most of my life, and I really had to step out of my comfort zone when I decided to take on the HC Belmont presidency. I can’t possibly imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t done it, though. Not only did it allow me the opportunity to be a part of such a spectacular group of women, but it helped me discover this strong, decisive side of myself  that I never knew I had.


How did you get involved with HC Belmont?

I originally found out about Her Campus from our neighbors over at Vanderbilt. At the time, I was dating an alum who had been featured in one of their articles. I thought the site was so cool, and being between majors I was itching to get my hands on something new to try.  Once I found out that Belmont was actually in the process of trying to establish a chapter, I immediately got on board. Within a few months, I became President.

What has been your favorite HC experience?

Last year we were named a Platinum Level chapter, and I was over the moon when I found out. We’re actually ranked as a Pink Level chapter, and it absolutely blows my mind that we’ve accomplished that. However, prior to being named Platinum, we were unranked. We’re not a registered student org at Belmont either, meaning we cannot recruit, advertise, meet, or hold events on campus. The odds were completely stacked against us, and it was pretty disheartening. Nevertheless, we didn’t let it stop us. We got creative, and we worked hard to get noticed on campus. I felt such pride when we got the official list of chapter rankings for that semester, we had come so far.


Are you involved in anything outside of HC (work, other orgs, intern, etc.)?

In addition to being President of HC Belmont, I’m also Vice President of Belmont’s IABC chapter, and an involved member of our PRSSA chapter. I’m also serving as an Associate for our student-run PR firm and filling the role of Student Editor for the Department of Communication Studies website.


What are your interests or hobbies?

I grew up in the arts, so you’ll still find me singing and playing the piano most days. Classic Belmont student. Aside from that though, i really enjoy hiking, pilates, and spending quality time with my pup.


What is your dream job?

I honestly don’t know.  I definitely want to stick to corporate communication, but there are so many directions I could go in. For now, I’m just looking to try as much as I can and go from there.


Who is your celebrity crush?

I’m not going to lie, I really liked Justin Baldoni on Jane the Virgin, but after I saw his TED Talk he had my heart. He really has a mission, he’s a true advocate for gender equality.



Photos courtesy of Sarah Self

I may never win a Pulitzer, but I will be doing something that makes me happy and I would not change that.
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