Meet Kellsie Kennedy, HC UK Writer and Junior Editor

Name: Kellsie M. Kennedy

Age: 21

Year: Junior

Major: English

Hometown: Cynthiana, KY


Q: What is your position with Her Campus?

A: Staff writer and Junior Editor


Q: How did you get involved with the club and why?

A: I had three classes back to back with Taylon Baker.  One day she asked me if I would like to be able to write for a magazine.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity!


Q: What is your favorite part about being a writer?

A: I really like the freedom Her Campus gives its writers.  Having the ability to write articles about anything that is important to me, or whatever I find interesting is super liberating.  I have a deep passion for writing, and Her Campus keeps me accountable to make sure I always keep working on that skill.


Q: Any challenges about being a writer?

A: So, we submit articles once a week.  At first, I thought that would be super easy to do.  After awhile, it gets hard to get inspiration.  I like to jot down ideas I get throughout the week that I can pull from later when I may not have a topic in mind.


Q: Are you involved in other clubs on campus? If so, which ones?

A: I work quite a bit, so Her Campus is my only current club on campus.  I am, however, a volunteer for Big Sisters of America.


Q: What is your dream job?

A: This is a tough one.  I have a variety of interests so it’s hard to pin down one job.  I really love writing though.  If I could be an author, be able to write while I’m backpacking or climbing, that would be the dream.


Q: Hobbies?

A: I love really everything involving the outdoors.  I started backpacking when I was nine.  I’m gradually getting more into rock climbing.  I write and read like my life depends on it.  Cooking, crafting, and playing with my dog are also really important to me.


Q: Any advice for new students?

A: Be yourself.  Nothing matters more than just being yourself.  Don’t worry about what kind of person your parents or friends want you to be.  Just be you.


Q: What is your favorite memory so far at UK?

A: This is also a super hard question.  I lead backpacking, hiking, etc trips for UK.  Every summer we have trip training to refresh our skills for it.  All of the trip leaders and my boss go to the Red River Gorge and camp out.  This year, it rained on us throughout the day and night.  There were also these biting gnats that ate all of us alive.  I had forty-six bug bites just from my left shoulder to my left hand.  It was my dampest, itchiest experience of my life.  I was also surrounded by great people, and I think all of us had a lot of fun of suffering together.