Meet Abbie Long, Her Campus UK Writer

Photo provided by Abbie Long


Name: Abbie Long                                                                 

Age: 20

Year: I’m supposed to be a junior, but I think credit-wise, I’m technically a sophomore?? Who really knows?

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Georgetown, KY


Her Campus: What is your position with Her Campus? 

Abbie: Staff Writer


Her Campus: How did you get involved with the club and why?

Abbie: I got an email from my journalism professor about how the UK Her Campus chapter was looking for new writers. I was immediately interested. I wanted to gain experience in the writing field, and I wanted to share the talents that I was blessed with, with the world.


Her Campus: What is your favorite part about being a writer?

Abbie: Writing has always been my escape from the real world. I’m not one to share my feelings with others in person, because I don’t know how to. So, I write them down on paper.


Her Campus: Any challenges being a writer? 

Abbie: My biggest challenge is trying to come up with relevant topics to write about. I have so many ideas that constantly run through my head, but, I struggle with deciding if people would want to read certain ideas or not.


Her Campus: Are you involved in other clubs on campus? 

Abbie: I am not. This is my first semester at UK, so I’m not very familiar with all of the various clubs on campus. However, I hope to become more involved with other clubs next semester.


Her Campus: What is your dream job?

Abbie: I would absolutely love to write for ESPN Magazine or for Sports Illustrated someday.


Her Campus: Hobbies?

Abbie: I’m a hardcore Netflix binge watcher. If I’m not at school, or at work, or writing, I’m more than likely watching Netflix.


 Her Campus: Advice to new students?

Abbie: Do what is going to make YOU happy. It’s okay to put yourself first sometimes. College is hard. But if you don’t take care of yourself, it’s even harder.


Her Campus: Favorite memory so far at UK?

Abbie: My favorite memory so far has to be getting the opportunity to write for Her Campus. I just started writing for this magazine a couple of months ago, but it has already blessed my life in so many ways.