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Maren Morris’ New Single is Literally Helping Me Tackle Everyday Life

Whoever told me senior year of college was going to be easy, you’re a liar.


Actually, I don’t think anyone ever told me that it was going to be easy, I just assumed it was going to be because my senior year of high school was a cake walk. Such a rookie mistake.


After working two part-time jobs, taking 15 credit hours and running Her Campus UK during the fall semester, I thought only relaxation would follow during the spring semester because I was only taking 12 credit hours (three classes and working at my internship for 10 hours a week), and only working Friday through Sunday at my part-time job and stilling running HCUK. What on earth did I know?


We’re now a month into the spring semester and I’ve truly never felt so rundown, defeated, exhausted and anxious in my entire life. I’m literally running on fumes every single day. The term, “No days off” is the only way I know how to describe my life at the moment. I’m going non-stop, full force, seven days a week. ALL SEVEN DAYS.


Even though I know this is only going to be the case for 16-weeks during this semester, there are days that I feel so destroyed that I don’t think I’ll ever live to see graduation day because I’m going to die from exhaustion first. When that body-crippling feeling starts to creep up on me, that’s when I turn to my go-to song, “GIRL” by Maren Morris.


I’ve been in love with Morris’ music since she released her first single, “My Church” in 2015 and as the years have passed her music has become even more easy to relate to. She released “GIRL,” her first single off of her sophomore album in January and I haven’t taken it off repeat since.


Sometimes I really think that the big man upstairs had this song released just for me. The chorus hit my soul so hard that it stopped me in my tracks when I heard it for the very first time:


“Girl, won’t you stop your cryin’?

I know that you’re tryin’

Everything’s gonna be okay

Baby girl, don’t you hang your head low

Don’t you lose your halo

Everyone’s gonna be okay”


Maren… just hit me right in the heart, girlfriend. YES!


This song is for the girls who are like me that are trying to do it all, they feel like they’re alone, they won’t ask for help and they put everyone else’s needs before their own. It’s also for the girls who may be raising little ones on their own, going through a divorce, trying to single handedly support their family or who are just having a really freakin’ hard time right now.


“GIRL” provides me with that extra dose of reassurance that I need every morning before I start my hectic day. If you haven’t heard the song yet, I highly recommend that you do. I promise it’ll help ease your restless and weary soul, just like it does mine.


Life is hard, but you, my dear are stronger. “Everything is going to be okay, baby girl.”

Her Campus UK chapter Campus Correspondent. Senior at the University of Kentucky, majoring in journalism and minoring in information studies. If you see me around campus I'm probably rocking a messy bun with a large coffee in my hand.
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