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Letter to Future Grey’s Anatomy Watchers


Dear someone who is thinking about watching Grey’s Anatomy for the first time,

            Unless you are prepared to fall in a rabbit hole of emotions, I would highly suggest not to watch this show. Now, if you are ready to “feel all the feels of Grey’s,” as I like to put it, and are prepared to spend countless hours of time invested in this show as well as getting too invested in these fictional characters lives, Grey’s is probably the best show to binge watch on a rainy day. Here are some things to look forward to, or dread, while starting the journey.

No Character is safe

            Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air for 12 seasons, signed for a 13th. A lot of damage can be made during a 40 minute episode. A character is not as safe as you ever think they are. Seattle Grace is a hub for disasters. Even knowing what is going to happen ahead of time, still won’t prepare you for the endless amount of tears.

Friends won’t understand the blubbering over a fictional character.

I haven’t cried this much over a show in… well ever. Happy, sad, angry, and frustrated tears seem to stream down my face a few times during each season. It is not Grey’s Anatomy without an occasional breakdown over what the writers have planned for these characters. “Dark and Twisty” is not just a term that gets thrown around because it sounds cool.

Their catch phrases have meaning that nobody else will understand.

            And you will try to fit them into every situation. The words,  “It’s a beautiful day to save lives,” will never be the same. And ferry boats aren’t just ferryboats to you. 

Everybody has a person.

The person we put down as an emergency contact. The person who you would rob a bank with, and ride off to the sunset. The one who will take your side, no matter what. They are the ones that don’t question your actions, and are just as twisty. The one who will get you out of your seat and engage in a 30 second dance party with you. “A person” is not just a person to Grey’s Anatomy fans. 

And Finally… At the end, Grey’s is more than a show.

            Grey’s Anatomy is way more than fictional humans on a screen. We see a little bit of use in each character introduced. (I probably am more of a Lexie and April). We relate to these characters and see our struggles in them. That’s what makes this show so great. They are not superheroes, each has flaws. So, I would highly suggest spending days, nights, and any amount of free time consumed in the life of these surgical interns. 

Twenty year old ISC major taking life day to day through a Polaroid camera.
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