Just Throw the Whole Room Away

Lately my social media has been filled with memes and reviews of “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” so I decided to watch it myself. As a person who is a pro at impulsive cleaning I figured I would love this show and I was right.


However I do face a dilemma when cleaning - I just want to throw everything away.


In order for me to avoid this I have to contain my impulses a little. I usually try to make a game plan and go from there but sometimes I just end up with garbage bags filled to the max.


While this is not always a bad thing at first a couple of weeks later I will find myself desperately looking for a top that’s now on the racks of the local Goodwill.


Watching Marie Kondo’s show however showed me that you do not have to throw everything away in order for it to be clean and organized. She utilizes shelf space and boxes galore to make everything look put together.


Feeling less guilty for getting rid of things that do have a sentimental value but no longer serve a purpose have me major motivation to really clean through all my belongings. I hope all of you have gotten a chance to watch this great, and definitely wholesome, show!


If you have yet to watch it, go ahead and turn it on and I will be buying all the storage containers!