Jackie Mangin, Marketing and Publicity Director

Age: 19Year: FreshmanMajor: Integrated Strategic Communications and Marketing Hometown: Dayton, OhioWhat is your position with her campus?

Marketing and Publicity Director 

How did you get involved with the club? I have my own blog that I post on every once in a while for fun.

I have always wanted to be a writer for her campus. I got an email from my majors chain mail and signed up immediately! 

What is your favorite part about being a writer?

My favorite thing about being a writer is having the ability to write about what I want. I love expressing my thoughts for others to read and enjoy. 

Any challenges?

It can be a challenge to balance my school work with getting an article out every week but, I love doing it so it tends to be my priority. 

Are you involved in other clubs on campus?

Student Government, Honors Society, Blogging, Newman Center 

What is your dream job? 

My dream job is to be a strong woman in the corporate world. I change my mind every week on exactly what field I want to get into but I do know I want to be a in a leadership position. 


Blogging, Hanging out with friends, Shopping, Outdoor activities, and exploring new places.  

Advice to new students?

Get out of your dorm! Go out and explore new places!:)

Favorite memory so far at UK?

Going to my first UK Basketball Game in the eruption zone and getting on the jumbotron five times!