Is it Time to Start Bringing a Dish to Family Dinners?

Photo courtesy of Unsplash


Thanksgiving is this month and like most of you, I cannot wait for all the dinners! Growing older though (I am currently 20), I am starting to view my role in my family a little differently.


It all started while I was sitting in class last week. I overheard a girl talking about how her grandmother had called her and asked her to bring a dish this year to Thanksgiving. She was so astonished that her grandmother had asked her that, and it dawned on her how old she actually is.


So it left me wondering if this is something college students should be doing? I know I personally have never had to bring a dish of food because I always considered myself younger and that it is not my time. After much thought on the matter, I decided to experiment of my own!


I called my own grandmother, Mammie, and asked her if she would like me to bring a dish to dinner this year. Without hesitation nor questioning why, she told me I could bring one of so many dishes, and told me she would give me some recipes. It was so odd to think she automatically wanted me to bring something, and that it was not strange for her that I was offering! If you all know me at all, I am not much of a cook either!


Not only am I now thinking of what dish to bring, I am now left wondering if it is time for me to start cleaning up the dining area and table whenever dinner is over. Oh how growing up is so bittersweet.


So, I suggest all of you call up your families and ask if you can help out this holiday season! If you cannot cook, maybe ask your mom or grandmother if you can help do some dishes. It is Thanksgiving after all, let us be thankful for what we have and take care of it!