If Halloween Characters Were College Students


Have you ever wondered why Halloween is one of the most popular holidays?

It's not just about dressing up to look like someone or something else and the amount of candy you get. I think it's because of the movies and TV show characters we watch during the 13 Nights of Halloween.

So, what if your beloved Halloween character went to UK? What would they be like?


Casper the Friendly Ghost: Casper is a straight-A student who always attend lectures, sneaking in a few times (since he's invisible and can go through walls). He will also be the first ghost to attend college and receive a degree in hospitality. His uncles like to come and visit as much as they can, because they want to eat all the food at the 90 and scare all the freshmen in their dorms. They might have found their new haunting ground for the next four years and take residency in the good ole Blanding Tower. That won’t stop Casper, though, from making friends with everyone he sees.

The Sanderson Sisters: The Sanderson sisters are a unique bunch. Winifred is still plotting her revenge after centuries of being dead. She likes to become besties with all of the freshmen on campus, because she is still craving to be young. Winifred is also a threater major, since she is so utterly dramatic and everything is about her. Mary is always using her meal swipes at the 90 and Bowmans Den during her breaks. Sarah is a little bit different from her sisters. She was actually excited to start school and joined a sorority in the fall. Though still a flirt, she became a fraternity’s sweetheart and continues to sing, but instead is luring men instead of young children. Some things never change.

Jack Skellington: Oh, Jack Skellington is an interesting soul. He gave up his dream of taking over another holiday and is more focused on his Shakespeare. He is an English major and hopes to write a novel one day. He is dating Sally (they are making it work, though it's long distance) and will be attending grad school next year.

Jason Voorhees:  Jason has decided to leave the awful camp that tormented him, and has retired the chainsaw only to break desks in half to get rid of his stress during midterms/finals week. Not an A+ student, but he manages to get through. He has also joined the hockey team, which means he can still wear his mask and not be judged by others.

Frankenstein: Dr. Frankstein, as he is now called on campus, teaches linguistics. A man (though I’m not sure it's the correct term to use) of few words, he seems to understand the concept of language and speech. His students are always impressed by his abilities, but just make sure you get out of the way if there's ever a fire drill while he is in the building. He does not do well with fire.

Dracula: Another professor on campus, Dr. Dracula teaches history. Of course, he teaches history because he has been alive for the majority of the events he talks about during his lectures. You name it and he was there. Instead of wearing his black cape, however, he has substituted a black suit and tie. He wants to be taken seriously now as a professor, but the only classes he teaches are at night. Even though he is centuries old, he still hasn’t quite figured out how to walk in the daylight. Maybe in another century, Drac.  


Happy Halloween, everyone!


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