I am Thankful for...

When you think of Thanksgiving food is the first thing that pops into your mind. The sweet aroma coming from your parents or grandparents kitchen. Turkey, dressing, mac and cheese whatever your favorite dish is your mouth waters when you smell it or see it, but Thanksgiving is more than the food. Thanksgiving is the time to be thankful and spend time with family and friends.


Everyone tends to ask the question what are you most thankful for? During this time it's important to sit back and notice what you are most thankful for and why.


Freshman Jadah Taylor said, “I am most thankful for my family being that I am a first generation student and the first of my grandmothers grandchildren to go to college. They have been so supportive so far and it's been a huge help for me since I didn’t know what to expect.”


“I’m thankful for my family. They are my biggest support system. I’m thankful for my friends I have made at UK. They hold me accountable and help me out when I’m not feeling like myself. I’m thankful that I’m able to get an education,” said freshman Jessica Murrah.


Raven Harris also a freshman at the University of Kentucky said, “I am thankful for my mom and being able to live to see the next day. This is because my mom is there for me no matter what. She always knows what to say and brings out the best in me. Without her, I would have given up plenty of times. Being able to live to see the next day is a privilege and it can get taken away so quickly. Everyday I wake up, I feel thankful because I am still here on earth and working to be the best I can be.”


So this Thanksgiving be sure to tell everyone who you are thankful for how much you appreciate them… That’s what this holiday is all about.