How to Survive Allergy Season

Allergies have unfortunately been a major part of my life. I cannot recall a time that I have been able to clearly breathe through my nose or have not had puffy, red eyes. As the years have passed I have discovered a few things that help me survive. I hope they help you too!


  1. Humidifiers

My humidifier literally saves my life on the regular. I have two cats that thoroughly enjoy sleeping in my room despite any allergy issues I have with them. I set mine on my nightstand next to my bed and let it do its magic all night.


  1. Scent diffuser

I never would have thought that a scent diffuser would help me with my allergy issues. However, I discovered that using eucalyptus or tea tree oil is a great way to help keep my sinuses clear. I typically use it at night, but sometimes it makes its appearance on my desk during homework sessions to help me breathe through assignments.


I am a little extra, so I went as far as purchasing one for my car as well. It plugs into your car where you would normally plug in your phone charger and it gives you little bursts of helpful oils to keep you going through the day. I also use this with an orange blossom scent to pep me up on those slow and groggy days.


  1. Daily allergy medications

I know a lot of people are against taking medications regularly. My allergies get pretty bad so I have to do everything I can. I take Allegra once a day and can make it through the day feeling pretty good.


I have noticed that when I do not take it I will end up with a headache typically due to too much exposure to pollen and the great outdoors. I also include a nasal spray in the mix. I do not necessarily use it every day unless it has been a rough patch, but it does help keep everything clear!


  1. Talk to your doctor

If your allergies make it nearly impossible to make it through the day you should always consider paying a visit to your doctor. I did this myself and learned a lot about how to help manage my allergies. My allergies can get pretty extreme since I do have asthma, so learning better ways to help control that whole mess saved my life.