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How to Make Your Notes Pretty and Practical

Pretty notes are always scattered on Pinterest, Instagram, and so many more sites. They look amazing, but super intimidating if you don’t know where to start. The materials these people use look so fancy and expensive, and the notes themselves look time consuming. I have figured out a method to get neat and organized notes without sacrificing your time. The first misconception I had was that I had to know how to write in a different font or learn cursive. I also thought I had to use multiple colors to make my notes look interesting. Using too many colors will take up so much unnecessary time. All you need to take practical and practical notes is a pen and a highlighter. I dedicate one color for each of my classes. I stick to this color for all my notes. I don’t change colors for different chapters as I have found I can train myself to associate the certain color with my specific class. I also found that I only need at least one black pen. I tend to use 2, a gel pen and a basic ballpoint. I write in black ink so it doesn’t clash with my highlighter color. My most important step to making my notes look pretty is the header. I learned that all it takes is writing the chapter or the lesson with the highlighter first and then layering the same words in black gel pen on top looks just fine. I will write with the highlighter in cursive first and then with the black pen in print on top. I also like to alternate, writing in print with the highlighter and cursive with the pen. Writing small also makes the notes look much more organized, no matter what type of handwriting you have. This is my go to way to take notes as they are able to look satisfying without wasting any time and money doing unnecessary steps.


Hi, my name is Kalista Smiley. I'm currently a sophomore at the University of Kentucky majoring in digital media and design. My hobbies include hanging out with friends and family and doing any type of art project. I also really enjoy being active through hiking or working out. I currently live on campus, and I want to make my college years memorable!
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