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Failure feels awful, but how do you deal with it? The first step is to acknowledge it. It can be scary to talk about your failures, but you might feel much better sharing with people you trust. Try and focus on the future. While you shouldn’t ignore failure, you also shouldn’t dwell on it. Remember your failure and move on. Use your failure as motivation and learn what to do better. If you’re stressing out, brainstorm how to help yourself. Talk to someone who might be able to give you advice. Don’t be too disappointed in yourself. Failure happens to everyone. If you feel like it's weighing you down, write down all your best successes. You could also do the opposite. Write down all your failures, and remember how you still made it to where you are now.

I think it is important to be open to failure. Certain medicines and food that we use today would not exist if mistakes weren’t made. That’s not to say all your mistakes will eventually be good things, but it can make your success feel so much more satisfying. If no one had to work hard, work would be valueless. Without failure and hard work, there would be no innovations, and success would not matter. We would be stuck with the same products and inventions, and there would be no improvements. Failure is a great source of motivation, and it can help shape how you look at the world. The phrase, “you can’t have failure without success,” is true!

Hi, my name is Kalista Smiley. I'm currently a sophomore at the University of Kentucky majoring in digital media and design. My hobbies include hanging out with friends and family and doing any type of art project. I also really enjoy being active through hiking or working out. I currently live on campus, and I want to make my college years memorable!
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