How to Handle Uncomfortable Situations

Meeting new people can be a moment in time that scares and intimidates most individuals. This is a natural reaction when someone new approaches you or you enter a new group but it can also cause someone some other feelings.


If the person is rather happy and an extrovert then they are more likely to enjoy the new contact and more willing to offer up information to this individual then someone who is an introvert. An introvert instead wants to keep to themselves, avoid contact and limit the things in which they feel uncomfortable with and are exposed to.


This anxiety can come out of nowhere or it can be there before one of these instances occur. The ability for a person to feel comfortable always depends on the trust and bonds in which they have made with other individuals. These relationships are key to the success of a relationship no matter the type and the matter that leads to that success is the way in which the situations are handles and how far you push an individual. An individual can only be pushed so far before they find a point in which they go from comfortable to uncomfortable.


Ways to avoid uncomfortable situations is to be friendly and to be open and not invading personal space. Also to not be confrontational or to push too hard on an individual.


Another way to avoid these uncomfortable situations is to always be honest when talking to individuals. There are many other ways in which to avoid situations that make individuals feel uncomfortable and to make situations awkward but it would take a while to list them all. So take a chance when there's a situation, watch the person’s verbal and nonverbal cues and feed off of them to help know when and how to make a situation more comfortable and welcoming for all that are involved.