How to Handle Sorority Recruitment?

It’s that time of year again here at UK… Spring Recruitment!

Sororities are opening their doors to potential new members, which means that shortly, you might be gaining not just new friends, but also many sisters!

So, here are a few steps to figure out which sorority is the right one for you:


1. You can be yourself. With any sorority you consider joining, make sure you feel comfortable. You should get the feeling that the girls love you for you.

2. Be open. During Recruitment, you will be talking to lots of new people. Some you might know, while others will be new faces. Try to find things in common with the girl you're talking with. It’s okay if you have a bad conversation with someone. It happens; we're all human.

3. Relax. Going back to the idea of being comfortable, just relax and take deep breaths. Recruitment can be stressful, but the funny thing is, the girls recruiting you are just as nervous as you are (believe it or not). 

4. Focus on the positive. If you notice how positive you feel with certain girls, you may well have found your soul sisters! Sororities are meant to build you up, not tear you down. These sisters are there to help you meet people, as well create positive memories that are unforgettable. If you can "feel the love," you're in the right place!


During Spring Recruitment, try to follow these four easy steps to find your true home with your brand-new sisters!


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