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How to Get Involved in Politics As a Non-Political Science Major

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After the intense political season our country has endured, you may be itching to do something to help change the local or even national political scene. Like many concerned Americans have pointed out recently, thoughts and prayers only go so far. Even if you are not a Political Science major, there are several ways you can get involved to make your voice heard:


  • Volunteer for a local campaign

2018 is an election year, so there will be multiple campaigns in your town and state looking for volunteers. Campaigns are always looking for helping hands to do everything from canvassing local neighborhoods to working booths at community events. Most campaigns would love to have college students volunteer because students are the link between campuses and the outside community. College students are able to spread the word on campus and inspire other young people to vote.


  • Contact the politicians that represent your area

If there is a particular issue with which you are concerned, call or email your representatives to voice your concern and ask them to make a change. Many congressmen have contact information on their official webpages, but if you are having trouble figuring out who represents you or how to get in touch, check out the website #CallYourRep, which is dedicated to connecting citizens with their congressional representatives. This website will provide you with a list of your congressmen and women as well as offer multiple ways you can contact them.


  • Attend local gatherings and events to find out additional ways you can get involved

Whether it be an event as big as the Women’s March or just a protest for a local issue, there is almost always something happening in the local political scene. And I promise, no matter how insignificant an issue may seem, it does matter! For example, I attended a small but powerful protest a couple of years ago in support of removing the two confederate statues that resided in the heart of my hometown.


Over the months following that protest, the issue gained greater attention until finally the statues were removed. It was an empowering experience. Though I was just one voice among many, I still felt that I played a vital role in the removal of the statues. If you are not sure how to find out what public events are happening near you, check in with the campus and city chapters of your political party to get more information.

I am a first year student at the University of Kentucky majoring in Psychology and Writing, Rhetoric & Digital Studies. My favorite things to do are write and travel, and my dream job would be a travel writer because it combines both of my passions!
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