HCUK Presents #MemberMonday


Name: Alexandria (Alex) Darmody


  • Age: 18


  • Year: 2022


  • Major: Undeclared


  • Hometown: Saint Louis, MO


  • What is your position with Her Campus UK? (Staff writer, exec board position, etc.)?

I’m currently a staff writer with Her Campus UK.


  • How did you get involved with Her Campus UK?

I got involved with Her Campus UK by going on BBNvolved and searching different journalism programs and clubs here. I loved the idea of a really female-empowering environment while all doing what we love so I applied!


  • What is your favorite part about being a writer for Her Campus UK?

My favorite part so far is just how warm everyone is. It’s not the same as other publications I’ve written/photographed for in the past: no one is competitive or boring. Everyone wants to know each other and support each other and write interesting pieces. It’s refreshing and fun.


  • What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be a spy. Not like a real spy, but like how spies are portrayed in movies: James Bond, Mission Impossible, Get Smart, etc. I want to wear different costumes and have different names and get into super cool fights with people (and win). I know this won’t happen, but, hey, I can dream right?


  • What are your hobbies?

My hobbies include photography, cooking, dancing (in my own home . . . not competitively), playing with animals, and music.


  • Coffee or tea? (Defend your answer)

Please don’t make me do this!!! I love both equally. The mood strikes for both at different times and I can never really predict it. That being said: at this exact moment, I could really go for a chai tea latte.


  • Any advice for new students whom might want to get involved in Her Campus UK?

Send some emails! The only way to really know if you like something is to try it. Her Campus UK is very warm and welcoming, as well as a great, open outlet for getting your writing out there. Anything could happen!


  • What is your favorite memory so far at UK?

It’s pretty mundane, but my favorite memory so far at UK was just the other day when autumn really hit and I could break out my sweaters and long sleeves. I went outside my dorm after having a really good day full of classes with a container of mint Oreos (dear God––try them) and a can of V8. I just sat in a chair, cozy in my sweater, eating some Oreos and drinking V8.


It was absolutely gorgeous outside and I felt so so SO at home. The leaves on the trees were the best part; the rustling in the wind and bright colors put a huge grin on my face. I think it’s the moment I realized I belong here and is probably why it’s my favorite memory so far.