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About a month ago, I decided to change my life and join a gym. As a college student, I didn’t suffer from the freshmen 15 or the sophomore slump,  but that changed my junior year. I moved off campus into an apartment, which meant I would make the food that I wanted to eat. Very dangerous if you ask me. I noticed after Christmas break that my weight would go back and forth. I needed some type of consistency. So after break, I did the typical New Year’s resolution and joined a gym. I didn’t join just an ordinary gym though. I joined Bodyfit Punch.


At Bodyfit Punch, they have 6 classes: Basic Yoga, Burn, Tread and Shred, Punch, Kettle Kombat and Happy Hour. I consider most of these classes to really kick your ass in just one hour.


Basic Yoga: If you are not a pro at yoga that is ok. This class is just meant for the basic, which is why it’s called that. It feels great after a busy week of classes and other workouts because it stretches you out. It helps get rid of all the tension in your body as well as helps with the soreness you will have your first week there.


Burn: Probably my least favorite class because the trainer really makes you work.  You work out every part of your body. During the workout, there are ropes, stairs, balance balls and steps. It’s an intense workout with only one break. They don’t call it burn for a reason. You are burning many calories during the class. PACK WATER


Tread and Shred: The most popular class to take at the gym. You are separated into three groups. One group is abs. The second arms and legs. The final group is the dreaded treadmill. You do each group at least 3 times, but each group takes about 10 minutes. I promise you don’t run the treadmill the entire time. You will increase the incline from 0 to all the way to 25 – if the trainer is really wanting to have fun that day. I would lose over 400 calories because of this class. Probably why I love it so much.


Punch: The gym if known for their fun punching classes. It’s unique and people really get into it. With the membership, you can choose your own set of gloves as well as your own wraps. So many choices of gloves, it was so difficult to decide. I always love a good punching class when I’m feeling stressed as well as need a break from school. You feel great after kicking and punching a punching bag for an hour. The trainers also incorporate ab work into the workout, which I always need.


Kettle Kombat: Now Kettle Kombat is a mix of punch with a kettle bell. Your arms might be sore the next day so be prepared for that. It is great workout if you want to get more arm strength.


Happy Hour: Happy Hour is a mix of all the workouts. It’s usually on Fridays. So if you want to try all classes at once, go to Happy Hour!


If you are looking for a change in your health, don’t be afraid to join a gym. You feel so much better after having a great workout. You can try all these classes for a week just for $10.00! Hope to see you in there!


P.S. there are some attractive trainers there :) 

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Bodyfit Punch