A Guide to Spring Fashions

Photo by Kaci Baum


The spring fashion scene is ready to bloom soft linens and florals. Clothing through the seasons can be the high point of a day, so get ready to nail down some interesting and comfortable styles.


As with the flowers that put forth beautiful colors and scents every spring, floral prints can do the same for a woman. These can be found on almost any piece of clothing from pants to shoes and is great to use for accessorizing. I have found that browsing the thrift shops through Etsy can be a great way to find something a little special and different, such as a great pair of tapestry floral boots or a breezy daisy-print dress.


A great floral scarf can also be a staple to make a white t-shirt and jeans come alive before your eyes. Scarves are an item many retailers sell year around, but bring into focus for the spring season. Women’s Day has tracked down a variety from several retailers to find the one that speaks to you.


You need to take advantage of crisp stripes for the season. The clean look of a blue-stripe, button-down over a pair of leggings can set the day in comfort for a nice walk or running errands. While a jazzy pinstripe skirt can take an everyday shirt to a new level for a night out. Gap has some great choices that can fit nicely into the budget.


If florals and stripe patterns have not exactly been your cup of tea, some great spring solids may be the right direction for you. Pale pink and mint green are a go-to pair for the spring season. Bright white and spunky yellow can also be vibrant for a cool evening resting or running to class. Cato has some wonderful choices available if you want to explore some different color motifs.


If the fresh patterns and colors have got your eyes on the search, the next thing to consider is fabric. Cashmere can work for a spring chill on those days when it is too cool for the tank top but too warm for the sweatshirt. Warm days may find you wanting to consider a linen or pure cotton pair of slacks, with a cotton to match.


These are both great for being airy and lightweight when the jeans are just too much, but it is not a shorts kind of day or event. “Thredup” can be a way to have a little bit of luxury without breaking the bank. It has consignment items that include everything from slightly used to still having the sale tag.


Blended fabrics can be a great choice for shorts if you want something that is not the Nike kind of expensive but still comfortable and an eye catcher. These can range in different patterns and be worn with just about anything from high heels to, of course sneakers. If you do want to make an investment into some go-to pairs, the Nike shorts are a great choice for exercise. Kohl’s has a wide selection.


Lastly for the feet, you cannot go wrong with a pair of flip-flops as a staple and a nice pair of espadrilles. These can range in price from the highest end to the shortest to work for any budget. A solid color such as black or grey can be a stabilizing choice if you plan to use your flip-flops the majority of summer so as to not clash with your clothing, but if you want to splurge, a bright pop can be a nice treat to a softer choice of clothing for the day. Old Navy has flip flops for any need at a reasonable price and durable standard.