Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Dressing up is always the best part of Halloween. In college we still can dress up, but it is not as fun if you do alone. This Halloween make sure to grab your closest friends and try out these five group Halloween costumes.


  • The Pink Ladies

Get out your cutest black jeans and top and pair with a cute silk neck tie. You can buy a jacket with the pink lady embroidery at Walmart. This is a simple costume that doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money.


  • Spice Girls

This is a great idea if your friend group is a little bit larger. There are five spice girls so if you have five close friends, grab then and release your inner pop star. You can find outfits from your own closets for this costume idea.


  • Fruit

If you have the time to get crafty, you and your friends can DIY yourselves some costumes. All you need are some extra large shirts, markers and construction paper. Typical fruit designs include a pineapple, watermelon slice, grape and a kiwi. This a cute costume and making them yourself gives you an excuse to hang out.


  • Mystery Gang

If you have a group of girl and guy friends going as the cast of Scooby Doo is perfect. This group can work with either four or five friends. This costume is perfect for college kids because you probably already have some of the clothing options needed or they won’t be expensive to find.


  • Hershey Kisses

This is a simple costume that involves a little crafting. You will need a silver metallic top and skirt/shorts which can easily be found on Amazon. To make the points with the kisses logo try metallic party hats with a ribbon attached. You can use stickers to spell out the word kisses.


No matter what you decide to be this Halloween make sure you grab your closest friends and enjoy the night. Halloween is a great time to be silly and feel like kids again so take advantage of this opportunity, especially now that midterms have ended.