Get To Know A Grad

Hometown- Louisville

Position- Graduate Resident Director for Kirwan Four



What got you involved in 4 Paws for Ability?

I first heard about 4 Paws from applying to be an RA (resident advisor) for the first time.


What’s the greatest thing and hardest thing about being involved in 4 Paws?

The graduation for the dogs after they go through training. We get to meet the family, and see the dogs interact with them. Giving the dogs back at the end of the semester has to be the hardest. The dogs become your best friend. But seeing them with the families makes everything worth it.


How could others get involved with 4 Paws?

They can visit the 4 Paws Facebook, 4 Paws at UK and website for more details.


While being involved around campus, what other hobbies have you taken up?

I am a freelance photographer. I love creating things that people would enjoy and capturing  true emotions through pictures. I also love to bake, especially cupcakes and creating different kinds of decorations for the cupcakes. And I love downloading fonts.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself teaching at a University. I am currently getting my masters in Art Administration.


What motivates you?


My parents. They’re always proud, but I want to get to the point of them seeing me grown up. Them seeing me achieving my goal, and being 100% proud of me.


Favorite memory at UK so far?


My first year as an RA. We were all so close and got along, and still talk today. People thought we were in our own little world.