Five Fashion Trends to Wear this Spring and Summer

Designs for the Spring/Summer ‘21 season have hit the runway and along with them the latest trends for the upcoming season have been revealed. As the warmer weather slowly approaches, it comes time for us all to begin reconfiguring our wardrobes and adding new pieces to stay looking our best. With the thought of a fresh start in mind, here are five of the biggest trends you’re going to want to be wearing this spring and summer.

  1. 1. Metallics

    If you’re anything like me, you might remember loving this trend around 2014, when metallic denim and silver accessories were an integral part of the cool girl uniform. For 2021, though, metallics have come back stronger than ever. Designers like Louis Vuitton, Isabel Marant and Paco Rabanne were among many of the artists who included metallic, specifically silver, looks in their shows for this season. For a more wearable version of these fabulously futuristic designs, try adding an eye-catching silver bag or a funky pair of metallic shoes to your closet this spring to capture the essence of what I personally like to call “astronaut chic.”

  2. 2. Candy Pink

    If you check any fashion magazine within the next few months, I am positive you will find that candy pink is bound to be one of the defining colors of this season.  This sweet shade has been popular for some time now, but has stepped into the spotlight this year with the help of top designers like Chanel and Prada. For those who love a monochromatic look, a matching set in this darling hue would make for an effortlessly chic, but still trendy outfit. If bright colors aren’t necessarily your thing, a touch of pink lipstick or a set of pink nails would also do the trick.

  3. 3. Minimalism

    While this look never truly goes out of style, minimalism seemed to be at the forefront of many designer’s minds this season. Luxurious fabrics and smooth lines give off the overall expensive and sophisticated vibe that minimalism encapsulates. Many of these sleek looks were done by designers like Chloé and Sportmax. For your own take on the minimalist trend, try a sleek maxi dress in a dazzling shade of white or simply wear some of your favorite neutral tones. This trend is perfect for those who prefer something simple, but still want to look on-trend and high-fashion.

  4. 4. Fishnet

    While you may think I’m talking about that pair of fishnet tights you bought to wear under your ripped jeans in 2017, I’m actually thinking of an updated, but equally fun and flirty take on this classic material. This year, fishnet dresses were seen layered over everything from structured mini dresses to slim-cut jumpsuits. While this may seem like a bit much for everyday wear, adding a touch of fishnet to your next out-to-dinner outfit might be just the thing to take it to the next level. 

  5. 5. Romantic Silhouettes

    Contrasting heavily with the sleek look of the aforementioned minimalist trend, many designers like Dior and Valentino opted for a softer and more bohemian silhouette this season. These designs hit the runway in gauzy materials and soft feminine shades of pink and red. For those hoping to embrace their inner goddess this spring and summer, a flowy and delicate maxi dress might soon become your go-to outfit.

While the trends this season may seem a little bit all over the place, I personally love the variety of styles that will be available to experiment with. This season, designers seemed to explore styles that brought together the characteristics of the traditional ideas of masculinity and femininity, resulting in trends that are sure to appeal to anyone and everyone. Whatever your style may be, I encourage you to use these trends to make this your most fashionable year yet.