Five Documentaries to Watch on Netflix

Documentaries are great think pieces on society. I absolutely love watching them and gaining more knowledge and insight into a multitude of different topics and issues in society. Netflix has a plethora of documentaries to watch. Ranging from full length documentary movies to documentary show series, I never get bored or feel like I'm running out of options for documentaries to watch. Here are five of my favorite documentaries on Netflix. 


  1. 1. The Innocent Man

    This documentary is a series that talks about two murders in the small town of Ada, Oklahoma. Based on a nonfiction book, the documentary delves into the justice system and how poor, lower class people are targeted and thrown in jail for crimes they didn’t commit. This series is very compelling and emotional. I would watch this if you are a fan of true crime and unsolved mystery cases.

  2. 2. Wild Wild Country

    Another documentary series, it explores the story of a cult that takes over a small town in Oregon. It is also the first cult to ever attack and poison a community in order to sway a local election. This documentary is absolutely riveting and full of surprising twists and turns. This series looks at the impact of cults on the communities in which they function, responses from the citizens of those communities and how they view the cult life as outsiders.

  3. 3. Tell Me Who I Am

    This documentary is about two twin brothers. One undergoes a traumatic accident that results in him losing his memory and forgetting everything about his past except for his twin brother. Since his twin brother is the only person he trusts, he allows his brother to guide him and fill him in on who he was in his past and what his life was like. However, his brother keeps a huge secret from him that results in them having a falling out. This movie is both emotional, unsettling and heartbreaking. I would definitely have a box of tissues if you watch this one.

  4. 4. Our Godfather

    This documentary explores Tommaso Buscetta, a mafia boss that testified against the mob in 1986. This film follows Buscetta and his family as they undergo witness protection and gives you a look into their lives afterwards. It is a really great think piece, especially if you are into mafia movies or films having to deal with the mob in New York and Italy.

  5. 5. LA Originals

    This looks at two creatives in the LA scene – photographer Estevan Oriol and artist Mister Cartoon. This man followed and travelled with multiple artist and rap groups, photographing their tours and giving them tattoos. This documentary is really great when it comes to showcasing the wonders of culture in LA and how it influences artists. singers, rappers and the lives they live.