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Fall Into Sweater Weather: Tips for Staying Warm

Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year! There’s just so many activities to get into, places to go and movies to see. (one of my preferred things to do)


Between the fairgrounds, haunted houses, bonfires, pumpkin carving and trick or treating, there are a plethora of fall festivities out there. The only downside about all the things mentioned is that they’re outside!


Fall whether isn’t unbearable however any kind of brisk wind or cloudy day makes me want to bundle up or forfeit the occasion ﹣cause child please. As the whether begins to carry a chill, I’d like to give you all a few tips and essentials to be equipped with in this season.


  • Hoodies!

It’s time to bring out the pullover and sweatshirts in Kentucky for sure! Hoodies are an essential that can easily be worn in a number of fashions. Most people don’t believe them to be versatile but I do. I suggest getting you a few sweaters and hoodies in a variety of fall colors and style with leggings or a ripped jean (if you really wanna outdo yourself.)


  • Layer, Layer, Layer

This is a heavily practiced cold hack for me and most people I’d assume. I can remember how my mom use to yell like crazy about tank tops and a larger jackets and I thought ‘that’s not cute, I’ll pass’ but today I’m a complete advocate of tank tops and even long sleeves underneath a sweatshirt (AND a coat.) If it’s really that cold I’ll put leggings underneath sweatpants or jeans and double my socks too. I know this seems dramatic but I seriously don’t enjoy being cold so I’ve resulted to an extreme.


I encourage you guys to never underestimate how cold you may get because if you over prepare at least you’re prepared. Right?


Necessity Pieces

  • Don’t sleep on scarves, your chest and throat being exposed can be the key to you avoiding that cold you don’t want

  • Fuzzy socks are a must because they just hold so much warmth! (Don’t be afraid of the long ones)

  • Boots (UGGS) and moccasins; pretty much any shoe with wool or fur lining really helps maintain body heat and insulate your body

  • This isn’t so much as a necessity but fur vests are also super fashionable and supply a small layer of warmth.

  • Gloves, I don’t use to much but when out for an extended time you may need to remember to grab you a pair.


Now that you have all these essentials in mind, I think it’s safe for you to go live your best [fall] life now.


Here’s an example of my ideal fall look as well:

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