Exam Day Makeup

It’s that time of the year again. Pulling all-nighters for that huge 8 a.m. exam tomorrow. You feel exhausted and you look exhausted.

Well, not anymore! Here is a quick 3-step makeup tutorial that will make looking refreshed easy and stress-free, while you kick butt on that exam you' ve studied for all night!

Step 1: Apply some cover-up that matches your skin tone to hide any blemishes caused by stress. Also, make sure to get around the eyes to get rid of those dark circles. You can always apply a type of powder after to make it blend in better.

Step 2: A little eyeliner never hurt nobody. You don’t even have to apply it underneath your eyeball. Draw a thin line on top your eyelid; that’s all you need. Also, make sure to choose an eyeliner that will make your eyes pop in any outfit you wear.  

Blue eyes = brown or navy

Brown = black

Green = brown

Step 3: Last, but not least, use some mascara. Apply as normal. I know when I’m feeling lazy, I usually just coat my top eyelashes.

Make sure to use these quick, easy 3 steps to apply your makeup during these rough test weeks and all-nighters. Who knows? Maybe you'll impress Willy T!