Easy Ways to Be More Productive in 2019

It feels as though we go into every new year with an endless list of resolutions, things we hope to achieve and if we’re being honest...most of us don’t last half the year. In an attempt to try and keep my resolutions this year, I’ve only made a few which are pretty broad. One of my biggest resolutions is to be more productive, so I started thinking of little things I could incorporate into my daily routine to help me be more productive each day.


  • Plan your weeks

Every Sunday, look through your syllabi and see what assignments, readings or quizzes you have to complete that week. Mark the due dates in your planner or on your phone and figure out the best time to complete each task. By setting specific times for yourself, you’ll be less likely to put off getting your work done until the last minute.


  • Wake up earlier

By waking up earlier than you normally do, you automatically feel like you’re getting a head start on the day. Early in the morning is also the best time to get work done because the majority of people aren’t awake.

Usually, the number one distraction while trying to be productive is your phone. Whether it’s your best friends texting in your group chat or your Twitter timeline constantly calling your name, there is always something on your phone trying to take you away from your work. Since nobody is awake, there’s not going to be something new for you to see on social media every minute, and chances are nobody will be trying to get in contact with you either. Getting work done at the beginning of your day will also get rid of some of the anxiety and stress coming from the everlasting to-do list for the day in your mind.


  • Don’t go home after class

When you get home from classes you usually want to get comfy in your bed and watch your favorite show on Netflix or watch some YouTube videos. Then the next thing you know, it’s 7:30pm and you haven’t even thought about all the work you have to do. Instead of going back to your dorm after classes go somewhere else, like the student center or the library and stay there until you finish your work. Use getting into your bed and streaming as a reward at the end of the day.


  • Do your homework with friends

Sometimes when you’re trying to get work done on your own it can be hard to stay focused. That’s why I prefer to do my work with friends either in a study room in my building or at the student center. When we’re doing work together we keep each other on track and you always have someone to help you if you’re having trouble with an assignment. Even if you’re all working on different things, being around other people who are being productive will motivate you to keep working rather than stop and check social media.


These simple things will help you be more productive every day and hopefully, keep those 2019 resolutions.