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DIY Halloween Costumes

Dressing up is a Halloween tradition, whether you are going out or handing out candy you have to get festive. Below are some pretty awesome costumes that are more unique than the usual vampire or popular new tv show character:


Rosie the Riveter

Need to show off your guns and empower women at the same time? A Rosie the Riveter costume might just work for you then. The costume is SUPER simple as it only needs a cute denim shirt, red bandana and red lipstick to complete the look. This leaves plenty of room to put your own spin on it!



Nothing is cuter than the cartoon character Arthur and you can be just as cute as him on Halloween night. All that is needed is aardvark ears (I know it is a unique animal, bunny or bear ears will work the same), brown circular eyeglasses, a yellow sweater and a white button down.


Cruella De Vil

A sassy costume that you can get all dolled up for? Cruella De Vil is the perfect choice. This costume can be created in a number of ways but the essentials are; little black dress, red gloves, black and white hair, a fur coat, a cigarette holder and of course red lipstick.


Black Swan

Obsessed with the drama/mystery that is Black Swan? Or maybe just obsessed with Natalie Portman’s phenomenal acting? Well, wait no more because YOU can be Black Swan this Halloween. The essentials are; tiara, black tank top or bodysuit, black tutu and wings or feathers if desired. Top it all off with some dramatic eye makeup and you’ll have it in the bag!


Sandy from ‘Grease’

We cannot deny the badass look of Sandy Olsson is one to die for. With a black off the shoulder top, leather pants or leggings, a leather jacket, red heels and a cigarette; the costume will be complete. Along with that, some bright red lipstick and curly blonde hair will give it the special touch. Maybe you will find your Danny Zuko too!


Or if you are looking for something a little bit more generic…


This one is definitely up for interpretation. Since we do not know what aliens look like, you will just have to improvise. All you have to do is throw together some metallic pieces, glitter and face paint to put it all together.


Circus Performer

Suspenders, tutus, hats, tights, teased pigtails and dramatic makeup can constitute a circus performer costume. They are eye-catching and fun to make! Any combination of circus performer costume pieces can make YOUR perfect Halloween costume this year.



A colorful, fun costume like a unicorn will turn heads at all Halloween parties. Once again this costume can be made in many different ways. Using a white tank or bodysuit, a gold or silver horn (can be found at Party city or made by yourself with paper, fabric and a headband), a colorful tutu, a rainbow or color-of-your-choice hairspray or wig, white fishnet tights, and white heels- the costume can be made in minutes.



Another sassy costume with a 1920s twist! Being a flapper just requires a few things: a black or red fringe dress, patterned tights (optional), beads, feathered headband, black heels, short bob wig, cigarette holder, boa and red lipstick. This timeless classic will most definitely help you dance the night away.


Photos from: refinery29.com, pinterest.com, stylebistro.com, the maxidresses.com

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