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‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ – Character Rankings

The Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a dark adaptation of the original comics and TV show, was released the weekend before Halloween. Although Halloween is now over and most people have moved on to watching Christmas movies, I binged the series over the past week and have some very strong feelings.


*possible spoilers ahead*


This is not an in-depth analysis of each of the characters, but simply my surface level rating of the main characters in the series.


  • Sabrina Spellman

Sabrina is the main character and is yet another iconic witch who we all dream of being. She is another empowered female character who demands equality and stands up for herself. She cares very much about her family, friends, and community – to the point that she will sacrifice her freedom for them. 9.5/10 because of the ending.


  • Harvey Kinkle

Harvey is Sabrina’s boyfriend in the series. All I have to say about Harvey is, to put it simply, I love him. My favorite thing about his character is his ability to be vulnerable with Sabrina. He is one of the few male characters in the media who has daddy issues and family pressures, yet stays soft and vulnerable despite it. 10/10 for being a super supportive boyfriend who likes to draw.


  • Ambrose Spellman

Ambrose is Sabrina’s warlock cousin. I love Ambrose because he supports Sabrina and connives with her but also provides her guidance and will be blunt with her when she makes a terrible mistake. He also happens to be a pansexual man of color, which is not often seen in mainstream media. 18/10 for that smile.


  • Aunt Hilda

Aunt Hilda is one of Sabrina’s aunts who takes care of her after the death of her parents. Aunt Hilda is the aunt we all prefer. She is kind and supports Sabrina’s need to make her own decision regarding her dark baptism. 12/10 for getting buried so many times and for taking down the bully in the bookstore.


  • Aunt Zelda

The less likable aunt of Sabrina. Her loyalty to the Dark Lord is admirable but at times it seems to be a bit too strong. Despite her harsh exterior, we can see that Zelda does have a side that deeply cares about her family. 5/10 for pressuring Sabrina and killing Hilda so many times.


  • The Weird Sisters

I am grouping the three sisters together although Prudence is the leader of the pack. I dislike the sisters as a whole because they terrorize Sabrina and others just for fun. Truly, I cannot think of redeeming qualities for them as a whole. 7/10 for Prudence and 2/10 for the other two.


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has several likable and hate-able characters. They are all very well-rounded and are fun to analyze if you enjoy doing that.

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