Can you pack a little lighter?

What is packing light? It seems to be hard to pack light when you're going home for winter break being that you're gone from your apartment or dorm for weeks. Especially if your a fashionista and want to bring just about every piece of clothing with you. Bringing our whole lives back with us over break only seems like the right thing to do.


Here are 7 essentials you must take back with you that will make your suitcase a little lighter. This will also save you time when the time comes for you to unpack at the beginning of your new spring semester.


1. Laptop

Don't forget about your laptop. Often when away on Christmas break some things come up that may be school related or not, that may cause you to need your laptop, or maybe you just want to lay in bed and watch a few Netflix shows.


2. Winter time hair products

I know as the season changes our hair products seem to change also. Make sure you bring all that is needed.


3. Favorite makeup products

Winter break is the time of the year where parties are the main thing. Your makeup just has to be in your suitcase and to make it lighter only bring your most used products. There will be so many winter time makeup looks that you must try at every holiday party.


4. Cute party dress

You may not think your going out for new years but some way some home you tend to always get dragged out of the house. So better safe than sorry to pack a fun party dress.


5. Your favorite go-to jewelry

You always need a pair of earrings and necklaces to spice up your outfit, so why not bring your favorite jewelry that you see yourself throwing on just about everyday. Of course, you may need jewelry for your upcoming holidays but don’t forget to bring these with you.


6. Winter coat

This is a staple if you're going on break where the coldness causes the need to have a reliable winter coat, but also make sure its either your favorite or one that can be worn with just about anything.


7. Snow Boots

Your favorite type of snow boots will come in handy just like the winter coat.


Creating a list before packing can help you keep things lighter throughout your holidays!