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Book Review of Eloquent Rage by Brittney Cooper

In honor of Women’s History Month, it is only reasonably to bring Brittney Cooper’s book, Eloquent Rage into light. This book is an amazing read on black feminism and how Cooper believes women of color fit into the mainstream feminst movement. 


This book is deeply personal and Cooper, in a very concise way, confesses to her audience her feelings on how African American women are treated by African American men, white men and women, and even each other. She gets uncomfortably real when she describes certain instances of discrimination and ignorace that she expericed growing up in the south, at Howard University and after her college career. 


Not to mention Cooper is amazing at painting a vivid picture and placing her audience in her shoes, letting them have a second hand experience into the events she goes through, discrimination wise, growing into herself, as well as the events she sees throughout her own community. 


Cooper weaves her personal and political reality into one another in such a way that her chapters flow into one another perfectly. In each chapter she holds certain groups of people accountable, such as white men and women, as well as African American men. However, when she holds these groups of people accountable for some of the wrongdoings inflicted upon black women, she does not paint them as a villain, instead she comes off as a loving but critical mother scolding her child. 


This book is a good read, not just for women of color but white men and women, as well as, black men. It can give them an insight into the minds of black women and allows for other races and genders to walk in their shoes. As well as, learn from the experiences Cooper implements in her book.

I am a sophomore at the University of Kentucky with a major in Journalism! My passions are writing and reading poetry, as well as, experiencing new things the world has to offer!
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