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Beyonce raised me. Yes, you read that right, Queen Bey raised me. No she is not my mother but she did raise me.


Growing up I was never the most the confident kid. I never had anyone telling me how bomb I was or how badass I could be. Not because my parents lacked love for their first born, but because they did not realize how important it was for girls no matter how young or old to have someone to let them know that you are bomb.com no matter what anyone says.


Then she did the unthinkable. Beyonce dropped an album that is oh-so near and dear to my heart and it is not “Lemonade,” she released “I am…Sasha Fierce” and my world changed forever. The tracklist for this album included songs like “Diva” and “Ego” that set my soul and confidence on fire!


Once I felt what her music and lyrics could do for me and how I showed love to myself I have been a forever fan.


Another song that really and truly resonated with me after my *first* heartbreak and every other one after is “Ring the Alarm” because hellooooo…..angry Beyonce! And also because it came from the album “B’Day” which was pretty much an ode to women loving themselves enough to drop the F-Boys and put themselves before toxic relationships. She also did this with “Lemonade” but everyone already knew that.


She taught me things that no one ever thought to, which was A TON, so she raised me.


Any who, if you need a playlist you find a few of my favorite Beyonce songs here.


Hopefully she delivers for you like she did for me, happy listening!

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