The Best and Worst Fashion of the iHeartRadio Music Awards

I love award show red carpets. Fashion is one of my favorite things and I always find it so interesting to see what celebrities are wearing. So of course I watched the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Thursday night, partly because Taylor Swift was accepting an award, but also because I wanted to see what fashion I did and did not like. Some celebrities looked incredible, but some of the outfits were a massive failure, in my opinion. So, here are my three favorite and three least favorite looks from the night.


**All photos taken and posted by Getty Images, links to can be found at the bottom of each photo.**



She looks like a gorgeous glittery disco ball and I am here for it! I love how she went with a romper instead of the typical red carpet dress and the heels are just incredible. I may be a bit bias since Taylor Swift has been my idol for like 10 years but she absolutely owned this red carpet, in my opinion. Definitely my favorite look of the night.


So my second favorite look of the night is Kacey Musgraves. This dress is so adorable and her long dark hair looks stunning as always. I honestly feel like she could pull anything off. Some celebrities try too hard to be out there or weird with their fashion but this simple look beautiful while still being a bit daring and I love it!


She is so adorable oh my gosh. I would totally wear this whole look! I love the sparkles on the dress and that smokey eye is just incredible. She’s’ killing it!


Now for my least favorite looks of the night:


Okay so this isn’t the worst of the night, but it’s still pretty bad. I really don’t like the fake blonde hair with the roots showing, her dark hair is so beautiful. I think the look would have been much better without the oversized jacket. The dress she has on underneath seems perfectly fine, but you can barely see it with this weird giant jacket.


The hat is really what ruins this look. Like without it the outfit would be fine. It wouldn’t be anything special but it definitely wouldn’t be in the bottom 3. I just don’t know what the thought process was behind the addition of the hat. It adds nothing to the overall look so I have no idea why she decided to wear it.


Oh no. Everything about this is just bad. She was clearly trying to go for a 1920’s housewife look but it’s just so cliche. It looks like a cheap halloween costume, which is not what you want in a red carpet look. I don’t know what to say other than it’s just not all.


Also, the reason I didn’t include any male looks in this article is because they were all super boring. Guys need to step it up when it comes to the red carpet. At least all these women took some risks and made their outfits interesting, even if it didn’t always work out.