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Hannah Ann makes Peter a “real man” in Knoxville, Tennessee

Hannah Ann Told Peter she was going to make a “real man” out of Peter by taking him ax throwing (because wearing a flannel and throwing axes really makes you a man). 

Peter later gave Hannah Ann a list of things he loves about her in response to the list we saw her give him last week. I think it’s important to note that one of the twenty things he listed was “that you have a name for every dress you’ve worn,” whatever that means.  

Hannah Ann’s sister told her that she is “happier than she’s ever seen her before,” and her father told Peter not to tell Hannah Ann that he’s falling in love with her unless he was sure he meant it. When Peter actually told Hannah Ann that he was falling in love with her, he chose to lead with the warning her father gave him (how romantic).

As Hannah Ann said goodbye to Peter, she told him that she is in love with him. 


Kelsey and Peter make wine in Des Moines, Iowa

Kelsey and Peter started off their date by stomping grapes and making their own bottle of wine. Kelsey told the cameras that she realized she was in love with Peter while they were in Peru and then we see her tell him for the first time as they share the bottle of wine they made. 

Personally, I think Kelsey’s hometown was cut short but here are some highlights.  Peter tried crab rangoon for the first time at dinner with Kelsey’s family (he had never even seen it before!) as it is one of Kelsey’s favorite foods. Kelsey’s sister asked her if she would say “yes” if Peter proposed to her and she tells her that she would. At the end of the date, Peter told Kelsey that he is falling in love with her.


Peter and Madison play ball in Auburn, Alabama

Madison’s father is a basketball coach at Auburn University, where Madison played basketball in college. Madison took Peter to the Auburn Arena, and they walked in to a special video message from Charles Barkley telling Peter to take care of Madison. 

Peter and Madison played a game of basketball in the arena, which Madison won 5-3. 

Last week, Peter told Madison that he was falling in love with her but she didn’t say it back. When Madison’s father asked Peter if he knew for sure that Madison is the one, Peter told him that he couldn’t give him an answer yet. 

We also learned for the first time, other than the previews leading up to the episode, that Madison is saving herself for marriage, during her conversation with her mother. 

At the end of their hometown visit, Madison told the camera that she really wanted to be able to tell Peter that she loves him but she’s “still trying to figure out if their souls are compatible.” 


Things get crazy with Peter and Victoria in Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Peter and Victoria started off the day with an “old time” photoshoot and ice cream. 

Victoria later surprised Peter with a performance by country singer, Hunter Hayes. Hayes performed his hit song “I Want Crazy” as the couple and an audience danced and sang along. 

After the performance, Peter was singing the song as him and as he sang the line, “I don’t want easy, I want crazy,” Victoria looked at him and asked, “You sure?” 

Then, a girl approached Peter and he knew her name immediately. Her name is Merissa Pence and she is Peter’s ex-girlfriend. She told Peter that she used to be friends with Victoria but they had a falling out and many relationships have been broken up because of Victoria. 

Peter told Victoria about what Merissa told him as they were waiting to go into Victoria’s house and meet her family and she immediately denied ever breaking up a relationship and claimed to not know what he was talking about. Victoria got super defensive and mad at Peter for bringing this issue up to her, claiming that he was telling her that what Merissa said is more important than meeting her family and that she was going to tell him that night that she was falling in love with him. 

Peter pointed out that Victoria never wants to fight for them and their relationship and that she always wants to get up and run away. Victoria took offense to this statement and denied giving up and running away before ultimately, giving up and running away from the conversation. Peter then left before ever stepping foot inside of Victoria’s home.

The next day, Victoria went to see Peter at his hotel. Peter told her that he feels as though she doesn’t want him to love her the way he wants to love her and that they have no communication skills as a couple. 

Victoria told him that she understands if he wants to end things with her but he said that he doesn’t want to make that decision yet. 


Rose ceremony

In order, the roses went to Hannah Ann, Madison and the final rose went to Victoria. Kelsey didn’t get a rose and Peter told Kelsey that he was sorry and knew that she probably wasn’t expecting it.

Peter announced to the women that they will be heading to Gold Coast Australia for fantasy suites. As he was leaving the rose ceremony, Madison asked Peter if she could talk to him. 

The edit and preview for next week led viewers to believe that Madison is going to talk to Peter about how she is saving herself for marriage at the beginning of next week’s episode.

Samantha is a junior studying Broadcast Journalism and Criminology at the University of Kentucky.
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