Attention College Students: It’s OK to rest during Thanksgiving Break

College students across the U.S. are living their best lives this week… It’s finally Thanksgiving break!


For those of you all that go to schools that don’t believe in implementing a fall break (cough, cough University of Kentucky) then you know better than anyone just how exhausting college can be, especially if you have been going non-stop since the fall semester began.


I know for me personally it’s hard to take time for yourself and just relax. When I attempt to unwind and really enjoy myself, I feel extremely guilty and I feel like there’s no way I should have this insane amount of free time to do whatever I want. There's got to be an assignment I need to be working on.


This Thanksgiving break I’m taking a whole new approach… rest, relaxation and living in the moment.


I’m about as busy as it gets and this semester has 100 percent kicked my behind. I feel like I’ve had more mental breakdowns, shed more tears and had to evaluate my mental health more times this semester than I have my entire college career thus far. I know that this is a common occurrence amongst college students everywhere as well.


I’m here to tell you all that it’s okay to relax during this Thanksgiving holiday and don’t feel guilty for doing so. We have worked our tails off all semester long. We’ve put in our hours at our on-campus job, or internship and we have lost enough hours of sleep.


Sit down, put on your comfy clothes, put on your slippers, turn on Netflix or turn on your favorite video game, pour yourself a drink, spend time with your family and friends, don’t even think about reaching for your computer and indulge in your favorite Thanksgiving dishes.


Take these next few days to relax and prepare your mind to finish out this fall semester strong! I promised you’ve earned this time for yourself.