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All Hail An Inclusive Queen: Rihanna & the Savage Fenty Fashion Show


Didn’t she tell you she was a savage?


New York Fashion Week closed to a mesmerizing end as Rihanna debuted her new Savage x Fenty lingerie line to the public, in a sci-fi meets women empowerment fantasy-land. This had everyone in the room locked to every waking moment.


The show opened with women of all shapes, sizes and skin tones. The women entered in groups into an ethereal abyss-like greenhouse as the eerie Beatles song Because played in the background.


Gigi Hadid led in olive-toned lingerie, accompanied with a headpiece, sheer cape and flower adornment on each piece of the look. The show cut to something most of us have never seen at any Victoria Secret Fashion Show — a spotlight, shown completely a woman who appeared to be almost nine months pregnant.


Slick Woods left very little to the imagination with her look on the runway nine months pregnant. Woods delivered her baby two days after the show and shocked everyone when news broke. Woods walked the show while in labor, showing the perfect example of how remarkable women are with everything they do.  


Rihanna also brought out famous faces like Bella Hadid, Joan Smalls and Duckie Thot to strut their stuff in various new pieces from the line. Representing for the curvy girls were the beautiful Marshall sisters who have previously danced for Beyonce and Janet Jackson.


The show drew to an end as the women stood together in unity, smiling at each other hand and, more than ever, showed unity and diversity in a fashion show. This concept is monumental for the beauty and fashion industry. So much controversy has surrounded what it means to be an inclusive brand and women of all ages want to feel they are being represented by the brands they buy from — Rihanna surpassed those expectations.


Victoria Secret? You watching? Because Ms. Robyn Rihanna Fenty is ready to take the throne.


Body photo by Unsplash

Hey y'all! My name is Sydney Wade and I'm a sophomore from Nashville at the University of Kentucky! My major is Media Arts & Studies with a minor in Communication. I am a College of Communication & Information Ambassador, Chair Member on Student Activities Board, and now a writer for HerCampus! I love all things fashion and beauty and most importantly, self-care. I strive to always push confidence, positivity, and self-care in my writings and I'm excited to see what's in store for this year!
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