The After Spring Break Struggle

Spring break is a time to get together. Whether it’s a girl’s trip or going with family somewhere warm, fun is much needed. Or like many it’s a time to sit back and relax, catch up on sleep and even a few Netflix shows/movies. I was one of those people relaxing and enjoying my bed. Although, I gain a ton of sleep, I still feel exhausted knowing that school is back in session. Often getting back into the groove of school can be hard after not doing much for a week straight. I have a few tips that’s helping me get back into the swing of school.


1. Open your planner

Your planner is essential in college. So of course this is one of the main ways you can get back in the grove of things. Going into your planner and writing down due dates is very significant. If you're more of the color-coding person, seeing color can make you feel more compelled to do your work.


2. Set a bedtime

Spring break can completely mess up your sleep schedule going to bed late and waking up later than you normally do. To get back into the swing try to set a bedtime for yourself so you can get those hours of sleep back and your body can adjust to going to bed at a good time and waking up at an early time for class.


3. Reorganize

Get everything back into school mode. Although we were only off for a week things can be well out of place because school was in the back of our mind. Get your backpack back in order, have your other school essentials back in place, most importantly get back into your school routine.      


I know it’s hard to let spring break go but keep those memories and get back into focus. Summer break is right around the corner!